FUT TOTW 51 (05 Setembro) FIFA12 Ultimate Team


FIFA Ultimate Team: Team Of The Week – September – 5th

GK:??Consigli, Atalanta -??74>81
LB:??Adriano, FC Barcelona -??78>81
CB:??Papadopoulos, FC Schalke 04 -??80>82
CB:??Beretzutskiy??, CSK Moskva -??76>80
CB:??Vermaelan, Arsenal -??84>85
RM:??Muller, Bayern Munchen -??86>87
CAM:??Santi Cazorla, Arsenal -??84>85
RM:??Samedov, Lokamotiv -??80>82
ST:??Forlan, I.Porto Alegre -??84>85
ST:??Van Persie, Manchester United-??88>89
ST:??Pazzini, Milan -??85>86


GK:??Martinez Andrade, Real Vellacano -??69>74
LB:??Corrales, SJ Earthquakes -??64>64
LM:??Huszti, Hannover 96 -??76>80
CM:??Whittingham, Cardiff city -??74>74
ST:??Aubameyang, Saint Ettienne-??79>81
ST:??Fletcher, Sunderland -??80>82
ST:??Higdon, Motherwell -??70>74


Pick up these in-form players from??6PM GMT on 5th September- 12th September. You can view this team in-game *right now* and in the??FUT Web App.


dados dos jogadores -??facebook

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